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How to Save and Reuse Plastic Items in Your Home

There are tons of easy and creative ways to reuse some of the plastic items in our homes.



1. Here are a few ideas for reusing those plastic items instead of tossing them

  • Use an old fruit juice or milk jug to water plants.
  • Save peanut butter jars and use them to store snacks like cheese crackers.
  • Use old salad dressing containers to mix and store your own homemade salad dressings.
  • Store pet food in large plastic snack containers that cheese puffs come in. It will help keep ants at bay.
  • Cut off the bottom of two liter bottles and use them as small planters. They are also great for starting seeds!
  • Wash and reuse plastic soda bottles as pretty water containers for refilling water glasses at dinner.

2. How to Transform and Repurpose Plastic Items. If you want to get really creative with your old plastic items and turn them into something completely new, here are a few fun DIY ideas to get you started:

  • Turn Gum Holders Into Small Travel Storage Containers. These cute, customized containers can be transformed into mini sewing kits, first aid kits and so much more.
  • Make a DIY Phone Charging Station. Use an old plastic bottle to make a caddy for your cell phone, and never worry about where to charge your phone again.
  • Turn a Kitty Litter Container Into a Litter Scoop. Now, this trick is amazing…with just a few items, you can turn an old cat litter container into a cat litter scoop. It’s genius!

feel good about doing your part to reduce the creation of landfills, increase the quality of our air, and have fun using creative ways to make some of your own products without spending a dime! Be sure to check out Plastics Make It Possible® for tons of information on recycling and the awesome things that can be done with recyclable plastics.